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The Bridges Virtual Academy (BVA) is a public charter school of the Merrill Area Public Schools, providing educational services in a non-traditional setting using a custom curriculum that fits the unique needs of each particular student. The BVA purpose is to provide resources, instruction, and instructional support to students providing the flexibility and customization that allows them to have an enriching and fulfilling academic experience. The licensed teaching staff and support staff of the BVA will work with families to assist students in achieving their maximum academic growth in all required areas throughout the school year.

What we are:

We are a public school providing educational services to families whose students are seeking an educational option that can be directed from the home with a flexible schedule, personalized curricular choices, and access to resources under the directional support of licensed educational professionals.

We are a unique educational institution that utilizes the expertise of our staff to provide an educational experience that encompasses much more than simply direct instruction for a set number of hours per year.

What we are not:

We are not homeschooling as defined by Wisconsin State Statute 115.01(3g). The Bridges Virtual Academy is a public school option that involves the utilization of licensed State of Wisconsin teachers in our delivery model.

We are not an exclusively online instructional delivery model. Although online instruction may be a portion of the Personalized Learning Plan for specific students, it is not a requirement for each course. Teachers, in collaboration with Parents and Students, will develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each student that may include a variety of curricular options best suited to fit the needs of the individual student. Our school and the educational delivery of our school requires significant involvement of the parent(s). The arrangement between the Liaison Teacher and the Parent is critical in the educational successes of the student.

If you are interested in the BVA please contact us at 866-537-2743 or visit our website at