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Please download the Mid-Year Report 2012-2013

The Merrill Area Public Schools offers quality learning opportunities for three, four and five year old children. These opportunities include Pre-Kindergarten/ Head Start for children from low income families and  Early Childhood for children with disabilities.  These programs are offered at Pine River School for Young Learners located at W4165 State Highway 64.  Head Start/Early Childhood has been a part of MAPS for over thirty years.  In 2012-13 we moved to our present location at Pine River School for Young Learners.

It is our mission to engage, educate and empower all young children and their families.  Educational research and our own experience has taught us that three, four and five year old children learn best through three dimensional, multi-sensory experiences of exploration, discovery and collaboration.  Simply, we believe children learn best through play.  Play with a purpose.  Our curriculum includes rigorous learning in language arts, literacy, math, science, and social studies.  We also have an emphasis in social/emotional learning such as self-regulation, problem solving, sharing and team work.  The brain is developing at a rapid rate in the early childhood years.  All of our DPI certified staff are very conscious of brain research and educational best practice.  We are preparing our learners for success not only in elementary school but in life. 

We will offer Physical Education in with a DPI certified teacher.  Also we benefit from a district music teacher.  Learning literacy and math through music is very effective for young learners.  Pine River School has a large natural playscape that is fenced in for children’s safety.  On the playscape children build their bodies as well as their brains as they overcome challenges, discover natural wonders like slugs hiding under rocks and learn team work moving large stumps around. 

Pine River School for Young Learners is a half day program with morning or afternoon sessions.  Students attend the program Tuesday through Friday.  Mondays are spent on our home visiting program.  Each student receives visits from our classroom staff and family service workers in their home.  This home /school connection is vital to laying the foundation of learning success.  Parents, their child’s first and most important teacher, are our partners in learning.  Pine River School for Young Learners is dedicated to young children, their families and learning.